Rug Gallery

Our rugs are durable and easy to care for: machine washable and dryer safe (fluff setting, no heat) or line dry.  Their durability is a great feature and highly rated from our repeat customers. The rugs in this gallery are available with just a phone call or by Placing An Order online. If you happened to see one at a show but not here, call Nancy at 419-869-7326--it may still be available.

The cost per rug varies on size. Rugs 21"wide are $8.00 per foot and 26" wide rugs are $9.00 per foot. We also carry 35" wide rugs at $12.00 per foot. Custom rugs can be made up to 25 to 30 feet long depending on the style. To order from the rug gallery, please list the number above the photo on our order form. Here you may choose rug width and length. If you are requesting a custom rug, please enter "CUSTOM" in the Rug Style line and enter your request in the Comments section. 

For questions on our rugs and availability please call 419-869-7326 or email Nancy at
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