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    Bob and Nancy

    Bob and Nancy Dudte began doing wood crafts more than 25 years ago just for fun and a little extra  Christmas money. They went to 2 craft shows.  In 2008, Nancy became unemployed. Her Aunt Arlene who had woven rugs for  over 38 years and getting ready to retire, asked Nancy if she’d like to  learn to weave. She knew where there was a loom for sale and from there  it all began…..

    They  picked up the loom in October, 2009 including the left over weaving  supplies the weaver wanted to get rid of. Aunt Arlene spent the whole  day at Nancy’s, warping up the loom and teaching her the beginning  basics while Nancy took “frantic” notes. Today the weaving operation has  blossomed into 5 looms with Bob and Nancy attending 10 craft shows a  year. They have sold over 3500 rugs to date.

    They also do wood crafts and may possibly add some of those to the site this fall......thus the reason for the name..

    "Heartland Woods & Rugs."

    The Weaving Area

    We now have 5 looms and not a speck of room for any more.   It has that "cluttered" look 90% of the year.  But my husband made me the most beautiful Barn Doors for Christmas Last Year and now on Holidays when all the family is home, we can just shut off that whole area.   That is wonderful!

    With 14 Grandchildren and 11 Great Grandchildren--friends and family, the house can get wild with excitement and no one really pays any attention to my mess anyway.   

    Thank you God!

    Lots More Rugs at Shows

    We have alot more rugs at shows than you will see on our website.  It is just too time consuming to keep this up and still do what we love....(Weaving)

     Because  some of the weaving mediums are on a “what you see is what you get”  basis from the supplier, we cannot promise that the same exact rug can  be made again. Since every rug we carry isn’t on our website, please  call if there’s something you've seen at a show and does not appear in  our Rug Gallery. It may still be available.  This is a new website and we are still in the process of  creating and maintaining it.